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“TEN A SEASON” is a new and innovative coaching programme AND TV/social media format, telling the story of TEN music producers, getting their ‘production’ from the initial idea to a finished product.


  • TEN music producers, casted from all over the world

  • TEN weeks of intensive production coaching and mentorship

  • 360 degree tutorship with all aspects of the industry


Our GOAL is to make the process of music production watchable, understandable and entertaining for a broad audience. TEN A SEASON is completely FREE for the participant and our viewers.



We are an accelerator for our TEN participants, providing all info and knowledge they need to finalise one specific production project we chose together. We are NOT a masterclass, nor a tutorial or an online course.


We are here to help, to motivate and to take you to the next level as a producer. 


We also are a new form of entertaining format, showing what it takes to produce a piece of electronic music nowadays. We give insights and we will show the WHOLE picture, with all its ups and downs, issues and successes on the way to create a music production.

During this process, TEN A SEASON will also assist and guide the participants in regards to all aspects of a music producer/artist. We will give you detailed and professional insight to


  • Record labels, how they work and what is important for getting a deal

  • Social media and how to build a brand

  • Basic knowledge in relevant topics (e.g. publishing, agreements, DJ bookings etc.)

  • Professional production software

  • General life as an artist




Season 1 comes in TEN weekly EPISODES of approx. 25 minutes length, covering the ‘week’ of the TEN participants including bits of their coaching sessions, their private life, behind the scenes-infos, guests from the industry and more. 


With this idea in mind, TEN A SEASON comes in form of a TV docuseries (with Seasons and weekly Episodes), published on our channels on youtube, instagram, website and more. Authentic. No artificial drama though.

We will also release ADDITIONAL CONTENT - full coaching sessions, industry talks, live streams, software reviews and more to provide in-depth information and knowledge for our audience.





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